Adrien Barbaresi
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Current research interests


PhD thesis

Ad hoc and general-purpose corpus construction from web sources (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, 2015)
Thesis committee: Benoît Habert (advisor), Thomas Lebarbé (chair), Henning Lobin (reviewer), Jean-Philippe Magué (co-advisor), Ludovic Tanguy (reviewer).

Community duties

Editor of
Journal for Language Technology and Computational Linguistics (JLCL) and as such member of the board of the GSCL (German Society for Computational Linguistics & Language Technology)
Previous director (2011-2013) of ENthèSe (association of doctoral candidates)
Previous editor of its blog & webmaster of

Scientific activity log

For updated infos see my publications as well as my research blog: Bits of Language.
I occasionally release code on GitHub.

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