Foucault and the spatial turn

I would like to share a crucial text by Michel Foucault which I discovered through a recent article by Marko Juvan on geographical information systems (GIS) and literary analysis:

  • Juvan, Marko (2015). From Spatial Turn to GIS-Mapping of Literary Cultures. European Review, 23(1), pp. 81-96.
  • Foucault, Michel (1984). Des espaces autres. Hétérotopies. Architecture, Mouvement, Continuité, 5, pp. 46-49. Originally: Conférence au Cercle d’études architecturales, 14 mars 1967.

The full text including the translation I am quoting from is available on It is available somewhere in Dits et écrits in paper form. If am understand correctly, the translation is from Jay Miskowiec (see this website). It is an absolute bootleg, since it is originally from a lecture and has not been officially planned for publication. Still, Foucault’s prose is as usual really dense and there is much to learn from it. In the course of time, it has become a central text of the so-called “spatial turn”, which has admittedly been introduced by Foucault and Lefebvre in the 1960s and 70s.

In the opening of the text, comparing the 20th with the 19th century, Foucault comes to the idea that our time is one of …

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