I contributed to the Anglicism of the Year award nominations. It is the second edition, the first was rather confidential but still got mentionned by the English-speaking press (e.g. by The Guardian).

The jury is once again chaired by Anatol Stefanowitsch, a professor in linguistics at Hamburg University. The selection of the final nominees will be relayed by a few German bloggers specialized in linguistics. I made it to the first nominees, but there was no selection so far, this phase goes till January 7th. News can be found on the official blog.

My suggestions are:

  • das Handyticketsystem
  • whistleblowen
  • der Occupist, die Occupisten
  • die Post-Privacy

To my opinion, the latter two have the good chances to advance to the final stage. Among the other nominees I like die Fazialpalmierung (facepalm) and die Liquid Democracy. But there are not that many interesting ones, that may be a reason why the deadline was postponed by a week.